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Pokfulam Development Partners with Elevant-Garde and Indigo Living to Showcase Comprehensive Smart Home Capabilities at luxury Scenic Villas development

The deployment of smart home technology ensures the safest, most energy efficient and cleanest home environment for residents

17 December 2018, Hong Kong 一 Pokfulam Development Company Limited (Pokfulam Development), a leading management company of luxurious residential properties, Elevant-Garde, smart and green building management solutions provider, and Indigo Living, home furnishing retailer and interior design service provider, are setting a new standard in eco-chic smart living.

The automation and comprehensive smart home capabilities were on full display at the “Eco-Chic Home” open house event that took place at L14 Scenic Villa, 24 Scenic Villas Drive, Pokfulam on 11 December 2018.


Mr. Chin-Yee Wong, General Manager of Pokfulam Development Company Limited said, “The deployment of the smart property management solution at Scenic Villas demonstrates our ongoing dedication and continuous drive to achieve safety, energy efficiency and quality customer services leveraging cutting-edge technologies.”

“Moving forward, we will continue to collaborate with strategic partners to explore the application of smart home technologies to realise our vision of smart and eco-friendly property management without disrupting everyday comfort.” Mr. Chin-Yee Wong added.

The innovative smart home system now available at Scenic Villas provides residents with the safest, most convenient and most energy efficient home environment currently on the market.


Full home control at your fingertips – anytime and anywhere
The advanced, secure cloud based control system allows users in real time to remotely control and monitor their home environment – anywhere and anytime, including temperature, humidity, air quality, energy consumption levels and motion, as well as lighting and door status. Everything is easily controlled and customized to the residents’ personal preference through one single easy-to-use mobile app that can be installed on multiple devices, while wireless sensors allow for hands-free automation based on users’ specific needs. The innovative system also features fully customizable presets and automation modes to control different combinations of smart devices. For example, air conditioners can be automatically switched on when humidity levels measured on the air quality sensors reach 80%; the dining room lights can be set to dim themselves to a desired level of brightness after 9pm while the curtains shut themselves at sunset.

All notifications and action alerts can be sent through push notifications, SMS or email, giving residents the flexibility to monitor and safeguard their homes while they are away.

Finally, users of the smart home system can choose to include a voice recognition component—it supports the concurrent use of multiple languages, including Cantonese, English and Mandarin—that enables users to control their devices through defined voice commands.


Eco-friendly living that is smart and easy
Pokfulam Development attaches great importance to the energy efficiency of their building as well as the well-being of its tenants. By adopting smart home systems underpinned by the most advanced IoT tools at Scenic Villas, tenants can conveniently ensure that the living conditions and energy efficiency of their homes are maintained.

Pokfulam Development is also furthering its commitment to the environment by retrofitting its properties with sustainable building materials such as FSC-certified bamboo flooring. With lustrous beauty, green benefits and the ability to be easily cleaned, the sustainable material  comes in a variety of looks and ensures that concerns  about foot traffic, scratches and spills are a thing of the past.


Security & peace of mind
The smart home solutions available at Scenic Villas are designed to make life safer and more comfortable. With help from strategically-placed sensors, residents can receive notifications if their homes’ doors and windows are opened or closed, or when motion is detected inside the home in the early morning hours before sunrise.


Style and elegance
Thanks to Indigo Living’s extensive range of elegant, beautiful home furnishings, each of the homes at Scenic Villas can come furnished and styled based on each household’s preferred sense of style.

“Indigo Living is excited to be collaborating with Pokfualm Development on the launching of their Green Technologies show-home at Scenic Villas. It will feature products from both the Indigo living home collection as well as from Indigo kids all displayed along with an eco-chic Smart Home system that allows you to control all aspects of your home, making it even easier for you to live beautifully.” John McLennan, Founder of Indigo Living said.

Indigo Living now offers a free one-hour design consultancy service to the residents of Scenic Villas with their professional interior stylists. Residents with valid resident cards are also entitled an 8% residents store discount and 5% furniture rental discount. With their history working with Scenic Villas and Pokfulam Development, their team of professional stylists can curate the perfect furniture package for residents to ensure the space is maximized to its full potential.


Integration with noteworthy consumer electronics
Pokfulam Development further elevates Scenic Villas’ living space by integrating Samsung’s latest innovative lifestyle TV – The Frame. With The Frame, users can display their favourite works of art or priceless family photos by uploading them through mobile devices or USBs.

Additionally, Scenic Villa residents are entitled to exclusive discount packages at selected distributors of audio-visual equipment and high-end home electronics.