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Pokfulam Development Offers Blueprint for Green and Smart Building Renovation Projects
March 1, 2021

1 March 2021, Hong Kong 一 Pokfulam Development Company Limited (Pokfulam Development, PDCL), a leading management company of luxury residential properties, is announcing the completion of its renovation project The Cove, at 4 Headland Road. Together with the smart and green building management solutions provider and design firm PlusClover, PDCL has converted the property into a brand new smart building.

The new smart building is ready for immediate occupation. Situated in a serene neighbourhood nested between Repulse Bay and Island South, The Cove presides with a panoramic sea view over the South Bay Beach. A rare mid-century architectural gem originally designed by the prolific Hong Kong architect Jackson Wong, The Cove possesses precious architectural and cultural heritage from the 1950s. Balancing the old and new design elements, Pokfulam Development has updated the building with modern features and smart automation technologies to provide tenants unparalleled comfort and convenience as well as to greatly enhance its energy efficiency. While preserving the architectural essence of the 1950s, The Cove also satisfies people’s pursuit of modern living and sustainability.


A Masterpiece in Sustainable Design in the Era of IoT (Internet of Things)
A scalable, secure, stable and cost-effective solution was applied at The Cove. The advanced, cloud-based control system allows users to remotely control and monitor their home environment – including room temperature, humidity, air quality, energy consumption, lighting and door status – anywhere and anytime. Everything is controlled and customized to the residents’ personal preference with ease through an easy-to-use mobile app that can be installed on multiple devices. The wireless sensors allow for hands-free automation based on users’ specific needs. The innovative system also features fully customizable presets and automation modes to control different combinations of smart devices. For example, curtains can be set to close automatically at dusk; dining room lights can be dimmed to an ideal level automatically after 9pm; or when an air quality sensor detects a humidity level above 80%, the air-conditioning is automatically turned on.

Mr. Chin-Yee Wong, General Manager of Pokfulam Development Company Limited said, “We have always been committed to using innovative approaches to provide tenants a premium living experience and to minimize our negative impacts on the environment. Through the 4 Headland Road renovation project, we hope to create a blueprint for transforming a historical building to a smart one that enhances resident comfort and promotes an eco-friendly lifestyle, while conserving the original structure and architectural layout.”

The safety of residents is equally important to Pokfulam Development. With help from strategically-placed sensors, residents of The Cove can receive notifications when the doors and windows of their home are opened or closed, or when motion is detected inside the home in the early hours before sunrise. Notifications and action alerts can be sent through push notifications, SMS or email, giving residents the flexibility to monitor and safeguard their homes while they are away.

Bright and Spacious 1950s architecture
4 Headland Road was designed in the early 1950s by renowned architect Mr. Jackson Wong. An advocate of the Modernist design who stayed away from flashy materials, Jackson Wong used simple materials in extraordinary ways. Pokfulam Development introduced contemporary technologies and improved residents’ comforts at The Cove while preserving the main characteristics of the 1950s design and the DNA of the property – in particular its spacious and bright layout. The renovated building emphasizes the beauty of mid-century modern architecture with a contemporary touch.

Environmentally- and Socially-responsible corporate citizen
Pokfulam Development also places great importance on the energy performance of its properties. To further its commitment to the environment, Pokfulam Development has been actively retrofitting its properties with sustainable building materials. The company has engaged the pioneer sustainability and environmental consulting firm Allied Environmental Consultants (AEC) as the green building consultant for the 4 Headland Road renovation project. According to AEC, The Cove is the first renovation project in Asia to achieve the British Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM) Refurbishment and Fit Out certification (Bespoke Certificate for Domestic Refurbishment). The original building is retrofitted without massive demolition and waste disposal during the renovation process, exemplifying the company’s commitment to environmental and social responsibility.

The Cove‘s air-conditioning and LED lighting systems have all been certified with EMSD’s Grade One energy label for energy efficiency. To enhance natural ventilation, the old smoke chimneys have been converted to a solar chimney system to reduce reliance on traditional air-conditioning and carbon footprint. Similarly, light shelves were incorporated in the balconies to improve the natural lighting inside the flats during daytime. The addition of photovoltaic panels on the roof also supports the development and use of renewable energy in Hong Kong. Furthermore, to craft the healthiest environment for tenants, Pokfulam Development retrofitted The Cove’s units with construction materials certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), thereby reducing possible harm and negative impacts to the environment.

Mr. Chin-Yee Wong stated that the latest renovation project will become the blueprint for a new generation of green and smart buildings. “The renovation project at The Cove passes the torch of the unique style and layout of luxurious buildings in the 1950s, and brings new design elements that are welcomed by modern people. The project demonstrates our ongoing dedication and continuous drive to achieve home safety, energy efficiency and quality customer services leveraging innovative technologies. Moving forward, we will continue to explore the application of smart technologies to realise our vision of smart and eco-friendly property management without disrupting everyday comfort.”


About Pokfulam Development Company Limited
Incorporated in 1970, Pokfulam Development Company Limited has fifty years of experience in developing and managing properties in Hong Kong and beyond. Its portfolio includes luxurious residential developments in some of Hong Kong’s most prestigious neighbourhoods, as well as commercial and industrial buildings in the city’s key business districts. The company’s dedicated and experienced team ensures the efficient operation in these properties; and it is committed to providing tenants the ideal living and working environment, as well as property management service of the highest calibre. To promote healthy and sustainable lifestyles, Pokfulam Development has partnered with leading consultancies to retrofit its properties with environmentally-friendly building materials and smart building systems.