Commitment to Health, Sustainability and Technology

Pokfulam Development Company believes in harnessing technology to make its properties healthier, friendlier to the environment, and more responsive to tenant needs. Since 2017, the company has partnered with Elevant-Garde Ltd. to equip its buildings with network-based technologies that make them smarter and more energy efficient. Tenants can now choose to conveniently monitor, control and automate their home and office environments through their mobile devices anywhere and anytime. They can also stay abreast of the air quality and energy consumption of their premises in real-time and devise the appropriate response and automation modes depending on their preferences. Please click below to experience a 3D virtual tour of a smart home unit in Scenic Villas.

>> 3D virtual tour of a smart home unit in Scenic Villas <<

In order to craft the healthiest environment for tenants, Pokfulam Development Company has also been retrofitting its residential units with volatile organic compound (“VOC”)-free paint and tile floor tiles certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (“FSC”).

Pokfulam Development Company is a corporate partner of WWF Hong Kong and works regularly with environmental and real estate organizations to promote smart and green building practices in the city and beyond.